Welcome to True North Outdoors

Our company was born from the passion of hunting and providing top quality game feeds. Being professionals in the animal feed industry, as well as avid hunters, we take pride in producing products that have exceptional nutritional quality and are highly successful in the field.

Our flagship product, Fatal Attraction Deer Feed, is the result of 23 years experience and 5 years of backwoods testing. The goals in creating this product were to attract and hold more deer in hunting areas and enhance the quality of their health at the same time. Some of the benefits of Fatal Attraction are stronger immune systems for increased disease resistance, higher conception rates in does, healthier fawns and larger antler growth. All of these benefits are provided in this proprietary blend that balances and enhances natural food sources.

We've just begun our mission of providing superior products to our fellow hunters. More great products are soon to come, so be sure to check back regularly to see what were up to next!

Real Nutrition, Real Results.

Attention Dealers!

Fatal attraction is now available through Big Rock Sports and Tri-Mart Corportation.

Big Rock Sports Tri-Mart Corporation